About us

Welcome to XL International USA LLC Now In Times Square

XL International USA LLC, having its office at 10, Times Square, 1441 Broadway, Manhattan, New York, is the newest hub for customized and finished leather goods in 100% genuine leather built with world-class precision and packed in your desired quantities.

Our showroom brings to you latest designs for the US market.

Welcome to the World of Finest Leather Goods!


Who We Work With

XL International USA LLC works with some of the most renowned brands across the globe. We build long-lasting relationships with companies of all sizes, ranging from vibrant start-ups to well established Fortune 500 companies. We are your growth partners who propose growth-oriented product launch plans and ensure that the best product designs reach your showroom - warehouse.

What We Offer

  • Our goal is to bring your product design idea to vibrant life backed by our world class building and designing abilities.
  • We help you with supply chain logistics to ensure you have no hassle in serving your buyers/customers.
  • Treat XL International USA LLC as your own factory with dedicated production line for each and every brand and customer to meet the quality standard and shipment schedule

Our Process


  • We take a clear brief of your idea, create a sample design, and then bring to life the first sample of your dream design using high-quality raw materials.
  • We have the best in industry contacts for the procurement of raw materials and leather needed for production, and can efficiently predict delivery timelines.
  • Once you approve our sample, the production team manned by our experienced craftsmen kick into action.
  • With excellent packaging solutions we ensure that your items are shipped to you as per your exact requirements.

Our Promise